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Buffer Spring – DUREL DH30

Combination Spring for Hydraulic Combination Shock Absorbers

Product information:

  • For use in freight cars, locomotives and special rail cars
  • Certified by EBA for use with EP100D hydraulic combination shock absorbers; the combination is suitable for buffers according to EN 15551
  • Spring for 150 mm stroke
  • Superior energy absorption, vibration and noise damping for increased safety and traveling comfort

Product Benefits

Please note: Springs must be protected from continued sun exposure (extended UV-resistance available upon request).

Spring composition:

Individual spring assemblies consist of polymer pads and intermediate discs, respectively, shown in the corresponding product picture.

  1. Installed height:
    337 ±2 mm
  2. Pad diameter at full stroke:
    189 ±2 mm
  3. Diameter of intermediate disc:
    189 mm
  4. Diameter of guiding rod:
    50 -1 mm

Energy absorption: > 30 kJ
Damping: > 50 %
Pre-tension force: > 15 kN
Max. end force: < 1,000 kN
Stroke: > 150 mm -5 mm
Weight: 9.9 kg 

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