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Sustainable systems:
DUREL provides premium-quality, durable, reliable and environmentally sustainable products—from raw material to finished product.

The excellent damping and stability qualities of our springs are the result of a specific polymer distortion process. This process is proprietary to DUREL in Europe and exceeds conventional techniques by far.

Moreover, our manufacturing process is extremely flexible and even enables us to produce small quantities. Elaborate retrofitting concepts allow us to flexibly adapt our production processes within a matter of minutes.
Custom Spring Systems for Industrial Applications

The next generation of polymer springs.
DUREL redefines standards—once you compare, you will find that our one-of-a-kind products live up to their promise.

High-performance polymer is a material particularly well suited for DUREL springs. They are known for their robustness and the unrivaled energy absorption they offer despite their reduced weight or volume. The combination of the exceptional qualities of our raw materials and our patented manufacturing technology ensures that our products exceed the performance of traditional metal, rubber and/or hydraulic-based springs in terms of reliability and durability—with compelling results. In addition to being maintenance-free over the entire lifetime of the rail car, our spring systems are also affordable.

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